Guests participating in the Tree of Life Gan Eden Israel Spiritual Fast are subject to the following general/medical policies and terms and conditions:

I understand that by registering in any Tree of Life activity I agree to uphold the TOL Dharma*. This includes refraining from behaviors such as the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, inappropriate nudity, sexual or any other sort of harassment of others, gossip, slander, negativity, or any other behavior that undermines or interferes with the awakening and healing process of others. This also includes not following mandatory medical protocols for those fasting, including not attending mandatory morning check-ins for all fasting programs. I understand the Tree of Life holds the right to ask me to leave without refund if I choose not to follow these simple guidelines.

If significant health issues are not disclosed on the Health Intake Form or disclosed to the medical staff or doctor prior to arrival, the Tree of Life(TOL) reserves the right to ask a guest to leave without a refund.

I am aware that participating in any activity carries some risk, including but not limited to the risks listed below. I choose to participate in any TOL activity with awareness of these potentials, and I agree to be responsible for my own safety.

Nature & Land: There may be risks of dehydration, sunburn, and possible injury due to the nature of the land and wildlife in the surrounding area.

Spa and Therapeutic Services: There may be a small risk involved in any cellular detoxification service, including but not limited to: Lymphatic Massage, General Body Work, Energy Work, Colonics, etc.

I also understand that there are various detoxification modalities such as yoga and taking daily enemas that are recommended, and that instructions and support will be given. Because the Tree of Life is educational in nature, I understand that they are not set up to attend to the seriously ill.

The Tree of Life, under Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), has developed a cutting edge diabetes program for Type 2 diabetics. Any program of this nature has a certain risk associated with it. I understand these risks and agree to participate in the program regardless of the risks.

I understand that in the event that emergency care is required and to be administered by the Tree of Life medical staff, I will be billed for these additional medical services. Fees for these services are to be paid at time of service. I understand that I have the option to refuse these services, in which case I will be required to go to the hospital. The Tree of Life medical staff will arrange for transportation to the hospital should such an event occur.

I understand to respect the integrity of both the inward journey of our healing guests and the Tree of Life. Personal healing offered by anyone other than approved staff members (massage, deep energy work, and bodywork) is not permitted. Please make use of our spa facilities with approved facilitators.

I agree to allow photos & videos taken of me to be used for marketing purposes. Photos & Videos may be placed in Tree of Life publications, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Tree of Life and affiliated blogs, or with organizations whom the Tree of Life might contract for educational and marketing purposes.

I am aware of and understand the rates and fees that apply to the services and treatments I may choose to partake in during my stay at the Tree of Life.

I understand payment for any products or services will be collected or charged to my credit card as follows:
• Services related to accommodation/programs/workshops: at time of booking
• Products: at time of purchase
• Medical services: at time of service
• Spa services: by check-out

I understand that any services or products that I purchase, that are not charged at the time when due (see above), will be charged at a later date.

REFUND POLICY: Cancellations are refunded in full, less a $200 processing fee, with notice more than 30 days prior to your checkin day. Cancellations, including a shortening of stay, made within the 30-days prior to check-in are not refundable nor are the funds transferable. Room, schedule, and program changes are subject to a $50 processing/housekeeping charge, per change.


I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Tree of Life Foundation, its agents, officers, and employees from all claims or demands of any sort which arise out of or are caused by my participation while at the Tree of Life Gan Eden Israel Spiritual Fast, in Almog Holiday Village, Israel

I waive and release the above mentioned from all liabilities, claims or demands of any sort that I may have for personal injuries or for injuries to property arising out of my participation at theTree of Life Gan Eden Israel Spiritual Fast, in Almog Holiday Village, Israel. I also hereby consent to, permit, and agree to pay for emergency treatment in the event of illness or injury while at theTree of Life Gan Eden Israel Spiritual Fast, in Almog Holiday Village, Israel.