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Conscious Gardening Program

The Tree of Life Center US Conscious Gardening Program educates and empowers participants to grow organic fruits, vegetables, and sprouts using veganic agriculture, nature farming, and spiritual gardening principles to produce high-nutrient, high-vibrancy food year-round.

This introductory-level program presents a truly remarkable distillation of the very latest research and production experience with organic techniques for home food production.  Unique information is presented on such topics as veganic food production; the use of EM (Effective Microorganisms) microbial inoculants and ocean-grown minerals in combination with organic fertilizers to produce crops with the highest nutrition; dealing with excess salts, insects, diseases and other concerns; and the use of various garden structures such as domes, greenhouses, and tunnels to provide a year-round supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Our expert team of instructors provide participants with foundational-level training using the methods we employ to grow organic fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and microgreens served to our guests at the Tree of Life Café.  Bring your questions, garden maps, photos and plans to receive expert advice that will leave you inspired and well-prepared to create a thriving organic garden at home.


You will have the opportunity to:


Learn the Introduction to the Theory & Practice of Conscious Veganic Gardening

Based on the methods of Kyusei Nature Farming and the use of EM (Effective Microorganisms), the Tree of Life developed a cutting-edge approach to sustainable veganic gardening.  We have combined season-extension techniques using greenhouses, domes, tunnels and shade structures with regenerative organic methods to create a year-round supply of authentic live food.  This workshop will provide you with a good balance of theory and practice that will teach you our methods, use of tools and equipment, and garden planning and problem solving.


Learn Basic & Advanced Sprouting - the Tree of Life Way

We teach you the theory and practice of our unique methods of growing the world’s best sprouts and microgreens. Classes include both theory and hands-on practice. We will introduce you to the use of EM (Effective Microorganisms), Sea Minerals and Hydrogen Peroxide solutions to produce sprouts and microgreens for home or small-scale commercial use.


Create a Customized Garden Plan for your home food production

Do you know your climate zone, chilling hours and requirements for selecting the best plants for your climate and region?  Do you know your length of season and how that affects your choice of varieties to grow in your garden?  How much garden and greenhouse space might you need to produce a year-round supply of nutritious food for yourself and your family?  We will help you get started on creating your customized plan for your garden.


How to Connect with the Spiritual Life of the Garden

We will introduce you to the attunement process and the Essene Communions we use daily to help guide us in our own process of Conscious Veganic Gardening. We will also cover such topics as “The Begging Bowl Approach to Harvesting”, and teach you how to make your own flower essences and gem elixirs.


New Offerings in 2017!

  • This year we have received a wonderful grant from Borderlands and will incorporate the planting of these pollinators as a part of this program!
  • More hands-on practice
  • Composting Class
  • Aquaponics demonstration
  • Demonstration of pest control using fedgerows


Your Instructors

Meet our Tree of Life Center US Garden Team and learn from the experts first hand and in-person.

Coordinator of the Tree of Life Foundation Garden Programs 
John Phillips
 Farm Manager/Garden Facilities Maintenance Manager
Sebastian Lurry

Sprout House Manager  

Aaron Lyons



John Phillips John Phillips, B. S. Biology, M. S. Agriculture with over 45 years experience in all aspects of organic agriculture, greenhouse management and hydroponics.  John is the lead instructor and coordinator of the Tree of Life Veganic Gardening Programs.  John has worked with Dr. Gabriel Cousens for over 15 years to help develop the sustainable veganic gardening program at the Tree of Life Center US.


Sebastian LurrySebastian Lurry is currently the Farm Manager for the Tree of Life. He also trains and supervises staff and volunteers, as well as manages  day-to-day operations. Sebastian is passionate about inspiring volunteers, staff, and guests to grow beautiful, nutrient rich plants.


Aaron Lyons is the current Sprout House manager. He is responsible for all of the microgreens and sprouting production at the Tree of Life Cafe. Aaron has over 10 years of experience small farming agriculture. He welcomes all individuals with questions or inquiries about classes at the Tree of Life.

Dates, Rates & Location

Tree of Life Center USSet in the picturesque high desert mountains of Southern Arizona, the Tree of Life Center US provides the ideal environment for the Conscious Gardening Program. The expansive night skies, closeness to nature, and internationally renowned “Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine” prepared by Tree of Life Chefs inspire a profound experience of holistic living and renewal.

The Conscious Gardening Program will be held:

  • April 23-29, 2017

Price: $2300 $2099 until March 14th, 2017

The cost of the program includes six nights of lodging, five and one-half days of instruction, and access to our salt-water pool, hot tubs, infrared sauna, labyrinth and spiritual programs, including satsang, meditation, chanting, yoga/movement classes. Spa services such as massage, colonics and other detox treatments are also available at extra cost.

To learn more about our farm and sprout house at the Tree of Life Center US, visit


Getting Started

The Tree of Life Center US provides a complete immersion into holistic living and is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our guests. We have developed a pre-registration approval process that allows our medical staff to review each individual’s health history to determine if our program, lifestyle, and environment are a good fit for your unique needs. To request approval to attend a program, please submit a completed Health Intake Form for review by our medical staff. A Tree of Life Center US Program Consultant will contact you once the review is complete to provide you with the outcome of the review and assist you with registration.

Health Intake Form

Need More Information?


Contact Program Consultant

If you would like additional information or assistance please contact a Program Consultant at (520) 233-7010. Program Consultants are available Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Arizona Time.

If you prefer, you may contact a Program Consultant by filling out the form.