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 Raw Food Class and lecture

Your Relationship with Food will be fundamentally altered.

Oct 29-Nov 10, 2017



"I loved the experience. The Conscious Eating I and II courses are amazing." ~ Isabel S

Internationally acclaimed as one of the most holistic, comprehensive raw-food training programs available, the Conscious Eating course offers an amazingly thorough exploration of the intricacies of a plant-based lifestyle.  It illuminates the powerful role that raw food has in the enhancement of all levels of being.  Physically, a diet comprised of plant-based, raw foods is associated with the amelioration of many diseases, including diabetes, depression, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more.  Emotionally, making compassionate food choices is profoundly powerful in promoting peace with the self and with the ecology of the planet. Spiritually, a diet of raw plant foods supports our bodies and energies as superconductors for the Divine. Optimal health, longevity, vitality, spiritual upliftment, and attunement are hallmarks of a raw food lifestyle.

Oct 29 - Nov 04: Conscious Eating I


 Raw food Class

Lectures & Raw Food Preparation

  • Dr. Cousens' lectures may include:
    • Physical, Emotional & Spiritual benefits of a raw, plant-based lifestyle
    • How raw plant foods support a spiritual lifestyle
    • How raw foods heal diseases including diabetes and cancer
    • Holistic Veganism
    • Individualizing your Diet
    • Reversing Diabetes
  • Low-glycemic raw-food preparation by Tree of Life Café chefs


Receive a Conscious Eating Certificate at end of Course!

Nov 05 - 10: Conscious Eating II (Expanding Culinary Joy)


 Raw Food Course

Expanded Raw Food Preparation

  • Deepen your Raw-food cuisine preparation with hands-on training in:
    • Entrees
    • Snacks
    • Desserts
    • Nut Milks
    • More delicious & healthy food



Additional Program Features

All activities are optional and offered as a way to enhance your experience


  • Yoga or Qi Gong Classes 5 Days a week.  (Kali Ray TriYoga™ style when Yogini Shanti Golds Cousens is available)
  • Nature & Hiking Trails
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Chlorine-Free Hot Tubs
  • Salt Water Swimming Pool (unheated)


  • Daily informal discussions on varied subjects that support your transition and transformation
  • Conscious Eating I & II Food Prep Classes
  • Weekly Sprouting Class (learn to grow your own sprouts and wheatgrass)



  • Morning and Evening Meditation
  • Satsang (Spiritual Q&A), Kirtan (Devotional Chanting) or other Spiritual Programs
  • Shaktipat Initiation (Friday Evenings) when Dr. Cousens is onsite
  • Spiritual Teachings from the Yoga, Kabbalah, and Native American Traditions
  • Optional Inipi (Native American Sweat Lodge) held approximately once per month
  • Experience the World’s Largest Chartes Labyrinth


  • Holistic Lifestyle Immersion.Immerse yourself in a healing and supportive environment without distractions. 
  • Eco-Therapy. Spending time close to nature is a healing force all of its own. The Tree of Life experience takes you back to basics. 
  • Digital Detox (if you so choose). There are no TVs at the Tree of Life, and we offer wireless internet only in one building.
  • Experience life at a leading plant-source only holistic center. How do people that raw this way raw? What products do they use? How does it work for them?
  • Social support. Spend time with like-minded guests and a staff. 
  • Access to the Tree of Life Wellness Spa 



  • Sprouting Class & tour of Tree of Life Sprout House
  • Q & A with Dr. Cousens
  • Q & A with Acclaimed Raw-Food Chef and Educator


  • In addition to the meals provided by the cafe, you'll also get to snack on the demonstrations
  • Unlimited Wheatgrass Grown with Ocean Minerals and Effective Microorganisms
  • 100% Organic (no-exceptions!), plant-source-only, raw food, gourmet meals at the world renowned Tree of Life Café
 Raw Food Retreat Center



Included in Price


Retreat Center Housing


  • 8 Single Occupancy Rooms
  • 4 Shared Bathrooms
  • Outdoor Kitchen Area
  • 2 Infrared Saunas
  • Short walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks



 Orchard House

Retreat Center Housing


  • 4 Guest Rooms w/ Twin Beds
  • Shared Living Room
  • Kitchen (no stove)
  • Laundry Room
  • 15 minute walk to cafe, wheatgrass, hot tubs and sundecks


 EcoCasitas Plus

Retreat Center Housing 

  • 2 Additional Rooms, each with a Queen Bed and Private Bath
  • $40/night Additional Cost

 Garden House

Retreat Center Housing

  • 2 Guest Rooms with Queen Bed and Full Private Bath
  • Shared Living Room, Kitchen, and Laundry Room
  • Garden House Room 1: $85/night Additional Cost, Single or Double Occupancy
  • Garden House Room 2 (larger): $100/night Additional Cost – Single or Double Occupancy
Learn More About Housing



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October 29-November 10, 2017

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